Case Studies

  • Micro Intervascular Catheter Liquid Flow/Leak Test System

    A leading international medical devices manufacturer planned to automate a manual device functionality test.

  • Packaging Compression Case Study

    Industrial Packaging’s 470mm x 855mm fiber drum is a perfectly designed robust container for dangerous goods transport. This was proved when Anecto performed stack and drop tests on the fiber drum which performed beyond expectations.

  • Food Industry Case Study

    A major ice cream manufacturer was experiencing problems with a new packaging system. They had redesigned their plastic ice cream tubs as part of a cost-saving measure but had not tested the changes made prior to market distribution.

  • Food Industry Case Study

    Discovering transport issues led a well-known food company to achieve substantial savings.

  • HALT Testing Case Study

    Rigorous Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) prevented telecommunications company from a complete product recall.


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