Anecto has a wide range of climatic testing in terms of capability and capacity.

Our processes and tests are governed by our ISO17025 accreditation.

Tests in our climatic chambers generally conform to international standards and/or industry specific standards, primarily automotive, medical, aerospace, and military standards.

Standards which fall under our ISO17025 accreditation include:

  • EN60068-2-1 Cold
  • EN60068-2-2 Hot
  • EN60068-2-14 Temperature Cycle/Shock
  • EN60068-2-78 Damp Heat Steady State
  • EN60068-2-30 Damp Heat Cycle
  • EN60068-2-38 Humidity Composite Cycle

We also have additional capability where vibration and temperature are done simultaneously, and other combinations of tests to standards, including the salt erosion testing.

Our climatic chambers range in size, and capability, including walk-in chambers which can accommodate large product assemblies. We also have automated setups where chambers are controlled by external test racks over a serial interface. Remote monitoring is also available.


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